Financial Planning

We build more than a financial plan; we build relationships with our clients. We want to understand your goals and know if your circumstances change, so we can adjust your plan to help keep you on track.

Business Succession Plan

Are you the owner or key-man (or woman) of a business? If so, having a business succession plan will create a guideline for successfully carrying out your business goals should you be unable to fulfill your duties.

Retirement & Wealth Management

If you own a small business, we can help you establish a retirement plan for you and your employees. We’ll help you select investments for a range of goals and needs, and provide consulting, administration and recordkeeping.

Education Planning

With the joy of becoming a parent comes the daunting task of planning for your child’s future. For some families, this means planning for college. As education costs increase, the sooner you start planning for your children’s educational future, the better. We understand that our clients want the...


Life is about living, after all. Financial planning isn’t just about the end but what happens in between. Are you looking to retire early or travel the world after retirement? Do you envision moving to a tropical location or downsizing to be closer to your children? Whatever the ideal lifestyle is...

Goal Review

It’s no secret that life happens, and the changes aren’t always planned. We will review your plan and adjust it regularly when needed. As you age, priorities change, and financial stability and goals change with it. At RJS, we help you stay on track to your goals as these changes (both good and bad)...

Cash Flow Management

First things first, having a plan to get out of debt and move toward financial security is critical. The more your debt grows, the more daunting it becomes to get out of it. We’ll work with you to understand your cash flow and where your money goes. From there, we’ll strategize a payoff plan and a...

What is a Fiduciary?

There will be a lot of terms and words thrown around when financial planning that you may not understand. A lot of acronyms and industry jargon will be presented to you, but one term we want you to understand when working with us is fiduciary. Because, in a nutshell, fiduciary means trust.